Carme Pitrello's Biography - Italian Singer, Comic, Impressionist

carme shipCarme's background is as diverse as his musical talents.  He honed his stage skills as a stand up comic and singer in nightclubs throughout the United States before moving to Las Vegas in 1968.  With a lifetime in the entertainment industry, he has performed with major stars of stage, screen and television. 

Carme is a survivor. You will look a long time before you find a person in the entertainment industry with his professionalism, longevity and diverse experience. After more than 50 years in show business he has performed in every imaginable venue. 

Starting in nightclubs and mob owned strip joints, he honed his skills to earn a reputation as a successful performer for burlesque, production shows, dinner theatres, and Playboy Clubs.  After moving to Las Vegas, he worked in television as stunt man and character actor.  During the 60's, 70's and 80's he performed in virtually every main room on the strip.


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His work includes stunt man, burlesque comic, television performer, nightclub entertainer (including Playboy Clubs), and main room performer at virtually every casino on the strip.  Carme has literally done it all.  For the last fifteen years, smiles, and standing ovations have come from appreciative audiences all over the world, as he brings his unique show to several major cruise lines, including Holland America, Princess, and the QEII.

Carme's stage talents include a variety of playful impressions of major stars, artful storytelling and jokes, yodeling, and a powerful baritone voice that is the envy of many in his profession.  Carme is the top banana when it comes to burlesque comedy.  It is not so much the material, as the rhythm, timing, pacing, gestures, expressions and ineffable feel.  His show is always performed with a live band, to insure its spontaneity. By the end of his performance, the audience is sure to determine that they have witnessed something very special. 

Carme's show is as close as you will come to those very special, and fun-filled shows that made Vegas great.

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Checkmate's Sweet Louie
Fly Me To The Moon - By Carme Pitrello

carme impressionistHe devotes much time and talent to charitable events, makes frequent appearances at veteran's hospitals and senior centers. He was an honorary member of the Board of Directors for The Cast, a charitable organization that raised money for aging and needy performers. Members included Tony Curtis, Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Keely Smith, Buddy Greco, Robert Goulet, Dick Contino, and Freddie Bell, many of which he considers his personal friends. 

Carme is never idle and loves to read, is an expert horseman, an avid outdoorsman, and is an expert with a hunting bow.  He composed a children's Christmas song, Albert the Angel, that will be published this year, and has just finished writing Sing Deadly, which is being considered for a movie or television series.

Carme has been heard to say that he moved to Las Vegas when you could go to the Dunes, have a nice dinner, and see stars like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louie Armstrong, Sammy Davis or Louie Prima "all for $4.95!"  Those days are long gone.  It is a big business environment now, and the personal contact with the stars is a thing of the past. 



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